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I first met the lovely Rachel after a plea for a model on her Facebook account. 

I answered and obliged with the use of my Connemara, Paddy for a frost photo shoot. After that I ended up helping Rachel on her photos shoots for both commercial and private clients as an extra pair of hands. 

Rachel's is a great success story, her love of photography, animals and passionate business owners has helped her to capture the truly unique side to each of her clients and enable them to tell their story to the world. 

Rachel's business is growing and it has been a pleasure to lend an extra pair of hands and eyes on a shoot.


Attention to detail is key when creating beautiful story telling images. A hair out of place or a hand at an awkward angle can make all the difference to the overall effect. 

I've been able to use my great people skills and perfectionist eye to help Rachel capture her clients and create professional shots and treasured memories. 

This is an ad hoc contract with dates for shoots booked in advance.

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