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The Small Things

Its a phrase that we all use 'its the small things' or 'its the simple things' in life that make a difference, have the greatest impact or mean the most. I guess we all say it because it is true!

The smallest things not only have a big impact but this can be both a negative and positive impact. I find stray hairs the most annoying thing! Just one strand of hair that has got caught in my bra, down my top or trying to escape from beneath my hat and is blowing in the wind tickling my face just infuriating. How can this really small, fine and delicate hair create so much discomfort and distraction?

Well imagine the small things are work related. In the days when we all worked in an office, how much did it mean to you when a colleague brought you a cup of tea without being asked? Or when you get to the printer to find it is out of paper, how did that make you feel? Two examples of small things that make a big difference.

These very simple and small things really impact our day and with the pandemic changing the way we live our lives, its the small and simple things we all miss the most; a hug, meeting a friend for a coffee or maybe even shaking hands?

I find that with my clients its the small things that impress or surprise them the most, such as being sent a spreadsheet and they have not used AutoSum to total the columns or rows. I add a simple formula and it does this automatically for them. This may seem a relatively simple thing to you seasoned VA's and administrators but to some clients Excel is still a bit like voodoo. Remember that your level of 'standard' maybe someone else's 'outstanding'.

Never underestimate the power of something small and simple. And chances are if you get get the small things right the big things will then follow suit.

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