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Saying Goodbye and Saying No

"Making hay while the sun shines" is definitely a phrase that I use a lot in my freelancer life. Us self employed lot never know when the next client is going to come our way or when existing ones might choose to end their professional relationship with you.

The temptation to say 'yes' to every piece of work that is offered to you is very strong. I personally have the breaking strain of a KitKat when it comes to saying 'no'. I literally want to help anyone and everyone be that on a volunteer basis or paid. I just want to work with and help as many people as I possibly can. But always saying 'yes' is not a good thing.

If you do not have the time in your work schedule to accommodate this new piece of work/client who is that going to benefit? Work might not get done, deadlines missed and that will not do your professional reputation any good.

Saying 'Goodbye' to clients is another area that freelancers tend not to be great at. Just as we are told that we should let go of negative or toxic friends, it might be that you have clients like that. Or it could be simply that your style of work or working hours might not suit them anymore, but you are both hanging onto this working relationship as it is comfortable or out of loyalty.

But if that client is no longer getting your best as their work does not excite you anymore or you've lost your motivation for their tasks, your loyalty to them should motivate you to end the contract, so they can find someone who will give their best. Ultimately isn't that what will be best for them and you?

We've all hung onto clients out of fear that you may not get another one to take their place, but I have always found, that as one door closes another one will always open!

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