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Quality, not quantity

I swear that it was only January yesterday! Does anyone else feel as if this year is whizzing past, even when not a huge amount has happened! Or maybe actually, a lot has happened but compared to how things used to be pre-covid, it doesn't seem as if that is the case.

It used to be that our lives were full of going here, there and everywhere. Parties, meals out, gatherings, playing team sports and whatever else we used to do, there was just so much to do! Now however we find ourselves with limited options, a walk or run, family zoom calls and the highlight of the week; a trip to the supermarket.

We now have all this time at our disposal and I'm sure we have all fantasised about what we could be doing. It has definitely made me focus on what I'd like to do, if I could just done one thing from my pre-covid life and what one thing I miss the most; socialising and spending time with friends and family, not rushing around doing a million different things any more, just one thing, fully enjoyed and experienced, quality not quantity.

With your work it is the same, its not about the amount of clients you have, its about the quality of those clients. Its better to have a couple of really good regular clients who you enjoy working with and who give you regular work over having lots of smaller hard to please clients who's work you dread doing.

Social media is another case in point for this argument of quality over numbers. Social media seems to be a numbers game, who has the most followers? But you may have thousands of followers but are you getting any business from them? Are they engaging with you? If not then what are you gaining from this impressive following, especially if the purpose of your social media is to market your services and get new clients?

It has taken me a few years to realise that I don't need hundreds of clients and thousands of followers to verify that I'm being successful and doing a good job. With my quality and lovely clients I'm paying the bills and loving what I'm doing. Isn't that all any of us can ask for?

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