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Practice makes perfect

Lockdown has had us all learn new skills such as taking up a new hobby, learning to speak a different language or just spending more time perfecting something you alrady do.

I know a few people, my sister for example, who used the time to teach herself calligraphy, something she has always wanted to do but never 'had the time' turns out she is pretty good at it. If you want to see her work check out her Etsy Shop here.

But what about all the things we have un-learnt during lockdown as we haven't been able to practice them or thanks to restrictions, haven't been able to do them.

Its strange how lots of every day things, you don't even realise actually are a skill. When you're doing something every day such as typing, cooking, and holding a conversation you are really practicing them.

Since spending less time with people in person and talking to other human beings about topics other than work, I've discovered that there is an art to holding a conversation, especially with people you don't know or meet for the first time.

With restrictions easing I'm not spending more time with people in person! Its truly wonderful not to be talking to people on a screen, but I'm really struggling to talk to them and hold a flowing converstaion. I find there are akward pauses, speaking over each other and just not knowing what to say! Its very odd! But I've realised that its beacuse the art of holding a converstaion is not a skill I've been able to practice all that much over the last 15 months. It has made me think about what else we do every day that we take for granted and its actually a well practiced skill?

So, as with anything which is an important tool in yourmetophorical business tool box, you need to practice it! Don't take for granted that it will be at your disposoal when you next need it if you haven't taken the time to practice.

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