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It can be so hard to find motivation each day. I find that you need so much of it and for a variety of different tasks. The first bucket load of motivation that you need is to remove the duvet or to avoid hitting snooze, just one more time.

With so many of us now working from home, I should imagine we've all faced the lack of motivation when it comes to dragging yourself into the home office, or to wherever the laptop was left when you signed off the previous day. The temptation to watch just a bit more TV is a real struggle! But having worked from home for over 12 years now I have to be honest and say, that as long as I have work I've never struggled to find the motivation to do it.

It wasn't until recently, that I discovered why I appear to have this apparently endless motivation for my work. I owe thanks to a good friend and person who I enjoy to collaborate with professionally, Rachel Bragg from Rachel Bragg Photography . She had asked how my day had gone, as she often does (she is very thoughtful like that) and I said I'd had the best day at work.

I had been delivering Christmas Trees for Occasional Trees, a sister company of Fern Garden Tree Services, who I've been working with a lot this year. Although this is not my usual line of work, during the pandemic events have been few and far between. Occasional Trees, hire live trees for weddings, parties and also hire live potted Christmas Trees, so it doesn't end up in landfill and can keep doing its amazing air cleaning, carbon trapping, tree thing!

Photo credit to Rachel Bragg Photography

Seeing the excitement and utter joy on the faces of those who were getting their Christmas Trees almost brought a tear to eye and a huge smile to my face (not that you could see under my mask). This truly was a heart warming way to spend a day at work.

It was then I realised what it is that motivates me in my work, it is making people smile. Be that from attending an event I have organised, sending them the draft of their company brochure which has exceeded their expectations, or just helping ease their workload. Bringing this joy to people daily makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside and I want more of it! Its so addictive and works both ways; my clients smile and then so do I. We both win!

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