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So what is it you do?

This is a question I often get asked! In fact any time you meet someone new, I'm sure you ask them 'what do you do?'. Its a normal thing to be curious as to what someone's job is. In a nutshell I make things happen! I'm a Virtual Assistant and Event Organiser.

What is a VA?

Most people haven't heard of a VA or Virtual Assistant, I wasn't even familiar with the term until fairly recently and discovered that what I'd been doing for so many years was actually being a VA.

A VA is someone who works remotely providing a range of business support services. No matter what it is you need help with there a huge network of VAs out there with a variety of skills who can help you. Check our the Society of Virtual Assistants of which I'm a member.

My specialist skill set is events, I'm so passionate about organising things, I just love making a 'to-do' list and ticking things off it as they get done! A lot of my 'bread and butter' work is working with small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs helping them grown their business, dealing with their emails, research and social media updates.

With the events that I am lucky enough to work on it can be anything from organising an event from scratch to providing an extra pair of hands for specific tasks such as dealing with sponsors.

How do you find work?

I am very fortunate to have very loyal clients who I have built up excellent working relationships with. Much of my work comes in from word of mouth or referrals from current clients, which means I must be doing something right.

I believe that you're only as good as the last thing you've done, so I make sure that everything I do is done to the highest possible standards.

If there is something that you need help with, do get in touch. I'm sure I can help or will be able to point you in the right direction of someone who can

bye for now x

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