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I first worked with Events Crew in 2008 when I started my career with IRONMAN UK. Events Crew supplied and installed the infrastructure at the annual triathlon, then held at Sherborne Castle. 

Since those early days for Events Crew, they have grown into a big player in the events infrastructure and logistics industry. Now providing transport, equipment and man power for many very prestigious, large international events.

I approached them in 2018 to rekindle our professional relationship to see if I could offer any support for their growing business and this would mean I would get the chance to improve my skills and have a hand in large scale events once more. 

Initially I provided support onsite at their temporary depos. I would assist in managing the time critical site builds for events, helping to manage the equipment going in and out of the depo.

This gave me a great insight into how they worked and where I could find processes to help improve the data recording. 

In 2019 I moved into the office to look at the systems in place and help migrate their business to cloud based working which would allow better collaboration between the remote teams and head office. 

This role was a great insight into how events have moved on since my days at IRONMAN UK, how the digital world and technology now play a huge part in managing deadlines, equipment and man power. I undertook a lot of detailed research projects into the latest software and studied the way they worked to see if improvements could be made to improve efficiency and accuracy. 

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